Fuel Bladder Replacement

Fuel cell bladders are assembled using a combination of flexible polymers, Neoprene, fabric material, fuel tank opening and fuel line fittings, and metal items and fittings.

To get the best life from a fuel cell bladder, keep them as full as possible. Be sure to top off your fuel whenever you believe you won’t be flying the plane for an extended period. Also, when your airplane is parked, rock the wings on occasion to moisten the upper part of the cell to help extend its life.

Before removing any fuel cell, West Air will be sure to check all the areas of possible leaks. We’ll open the inspection plates and follow the wet fuel or fuel-stained areas. Our goal is to confirm that the fuel is due to a leaking bladder and not from over-filling or from fuel lines and valves.

Once we confirm the fuel leak is from the bladder, we follow a safe procedure to remove the old bladder and install a new one.

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